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Rural Community Growth


A solid investment in our rural communities will allow them to grow and thrive. Communities under 5,000 are very often left out of the grant opportunities that exist. Ensuring grants are available to smaller communities is a key component for our development.


Digital Infrastructure Development: Expanding digital infrastructure in rural areas is a critical innovative strategy for community growth. Access to high-speed internet, broadband connectivity, and technology hubs will empower rural communities by fostering online businesses, telecommuting, and e-commerce. This not only creates local job opportunities but also attracts remote workers and entrepreneurs, revitalizing rural economies.


Agri-Tourism and Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives: Promotion of agri-tourism and sustainable agriculture initiatives to boost rural community growth. By diversifying agricultural activities and encouraging sustainable farming practices, rural areas can attract tourists, create local food networks, and generate income from farm-to-table experiences. This not only stimulates economic growth but also preserves the rural way of life and natural landscapes.


Rural Co-Living and Workspaces: Develop co-living and co-working spaces specifically designed for rural areas. These innovative hubs provide affordable housing and office facilities, making rural living attractive to urban professionals seeking a change in lifestyle. By offering a blend of work and leisure opportunities, rural co-living and workspaces can revitalize rural communities, attract new residents, and support local businesses.

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