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When my Grandfather came to America, he knew that organized labor was the only way to gain a piece of the American dream. He settled in Ottawa Illinois and joined the CIO as a steamfitter. The Illinois Valley was a manufacturing hotbed which gave many an opportunity to better their lives and provide for their families. That labor tradition continued as my Dad was an Electrician for Local 176 at Libby Owens Ford. As a true daughter of Labor, I understand the importance of the power people have when they come together to demand living wages and safe working conditions. 


Project Labor Agreements (PLA) - They benefit all parties involved in large scale projects by central project management, consistent contractors, managing timelines and project costs which reduces time and cost overruns.


Worker Rights and Protections: Labor unions are the backbone of the fight for fair wages, safe working conditions, reasonable hours, and ensuring that every employee is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. By supporting organized labor, we pave the way for a more just and humane work environment. 


Collective Strength: Labor unions provide workers with the collective strength they need to negotiate effectively with their employers. Through the process of collective bargaining, employees can unite their voices and advocate for improved wages, benefits, and job security. This empowers workers to level the playing field, promoting fairness and equity in our workplaces.


Economic Prosperity and Social Well-being: Embracing organized labor not only benefits workers but also fuels economic prosperity. By securing better compensation and job conditions, unions enhance workers' purchasing power, which in turn stimulates consumer spending and bolsters local businesses. Moreover, labor unions often advocate for essential social welfare policies like affordable healthcare, retirement benefits, and job training programs, reducing poverty and inequality while promoting a more prosperous and compassionate society. Supporting organized labor is a win-win for workers and the broader community.

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