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Labor is the great equalizer and as the daughter of Organized Labor, I believe that workers should have the unobstructed right to organize and that the state should further Labor’s strength by legislation protecting and incentivizing organized Labor.
Reproductive Rights
I am 100% in support of an Illinois State Constitutional Amendment guaranteeing the right to reproductive autonomy. Women's rights are under attack nationwide and we must take steps to further fortify reproductive rights at the state level.
Rural Community Growth
Prioritizing grant accessibility for rural communities under 5,000 is pivotal for growth, and strategies like expanding digital infrastructure, promoting agri-tourism, and developing rural co-living and workspaces can stimulate economic revitalization and attract a diverse range of residents.
Childcare Access
In our district, only one in five children from birth through age 5 have access to quality early education or childcare options. That means that 80% of the children have no care available and therefore many parents cannot work. We must recognize the importance of early childhood education and accessible childcare and meet families where they are in order to help meet their needs.
Climate change is real and resources are finite. Growing up in the Illinois Valley, I have a deep appreciation of the land and what it gives to us, and I understand that it is our responsibility to keep it healthy through proper funding and legislation.
Criminal Justice
Criminal justice reform must target racial and socioeconomic disparities, especially affecting Black and Latino communities. We must also foster a culture of equitable treatment and pursue comprehensive rehabilitation programs that encompass education, job training, mental health, addiction treatment, and support services to improve community integration and reduce recidivism.
LGBTQ+ Rights
People deserve respect and equity in their everyday lives — but even more so from those elected to represent them. I am a strong supporter of advancing LGBTQ Rights through legislation and funding.
Disability Rights
With an aim to expand the rights of people with disabilities, we should pursue inclusive education initiatives that strive for equal access to quality education for students with disabilities in mainstream classrooms. Additionally, we should work on expanding home and community-based services, supported employment programs, and respite care options to improve independent living, create opportunities for meaningful employment, and provide comprehensive support for individuals with disabilities and their families.
Mental Healthcare
To improve mental healthcare accessibility in our rural communities, we must adopt widespread teletherapy and virtual services, implement school-based programs for children and adolescents, and promote mental health apps and digital tools to leverage technology for broader outreach and support.

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